PAWHUSKA, Oklahoma – The sister of a Pawhuska man who died from COVID-19 is speaking out and asking people to take the virus seriously. 

Pamela McCray said her brother, Greg Cunningham, had been in the hospital a couple of times recently for the flu.

He went home feeling better at one point, but then his health quickly dropped off a few days later.

Greg was rushed to the hospital where he tested positive for COVID-19.

His breathing got worse, he was running a fever, and was often confused. 

McCray said her brother was put on a ventilator the day before he died with his nurse holding his hand because his loved ones couldn’t be in the room.

Now, McCray is asking people to pay attention to what this virus is capable of.

“If they only knew what a family member, or themselves, would go through with this virus, they would take it more seriously” said McCray. 

McCray said she wants Greg to be remembered as a family man who had a good heart and cared deeply for his family. 

He was 53-years-old.