The Jenks football team is finding a way to maintain their competitive edge during Oklahoma’s coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

“We can’t go three or four months without doing something and hop back into it expecting to win a state championship,” running back Griffin Forbes said.

The road to a gold ball is still several months away, but the Jenks Trojans hope training days will give them an advantage.

“We are definitely getting better. Like I said, being out here bonding with each other and running routs is making us all better,” said Waylon Adams, who plays tight end.

The workouts are entirely voluntary, without coaches, and that is helping strengthen the bond amongst teammates.

“Without coaches, we can still get work in and I think that’s the culture we have built at Jenks. No matter the circumstances, we want to get better,” Stephen Kittleman said, the team’s quarterback.

Along with the workouts, Jenks is also using an app called Team Builder, which monitors weightlifting and speed drills for strength and conditioning coach Nick Whitmeer.

“We use it ever week already, so when the kids were no longer able to come in, they still had access to it via their phones. You just have to go on twitter and see how creative athletes have been,” head coach Keith Riggs said.