SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma – Thirteen years ago, this week, a Sand Springs man was shot and killed in his car in Tulsa.

To this day, there have been no arrests or solid leads in the murder of Charlie Fanning.

Charlie Fanning’s family should be celebrating his 37th birthday, but instead they are praying for answers, just like they have been for 13 years.

“It’s like we are on day one of the investigation every day,” said Candace McCaffery, Charlie’s sister.

McCaffery has been asking the same two questions for more than a decade – who shot her brother and why?

“There’s no leads, we don’t know anything,” said McCaffery.

In 2008, Charlie Fanning was found dead, shot in the head.

His passenger door was wide open, he still had his seatbelt on and was missing 80 dollars.

“It baffles my mind that people in the world do so such harmful things they can walk the streets as a normal joe or go to sleep knowing what they did and they are fine with that,” said McCaffery.

Candace and her brother believe someone lured Charlie to North Boston and tried to rob him.

“Why’d they do it? Is a life worth that $50 or $100 dollars he had in his pocket?” said Chris Fanning, Charlie’s brother.

McCaffery tells me this week she has some new hope, because Tulsa Cold Case Detective Eddie Majors, a 40-year veteran of the department, has taken over the case.

“I’m a firm believer that if someone commits a murder, they had to tell somebody,” said Detective Majors with Tulsa Police.

Majors said there were some witnesses in the area, and he will re-interview them and re-examine the evidence.

He said he will treat the murder like it happened today and believes he owes it to the family to find answers.

“I’d rather tell on someone instead of knowing I’d be taking it to my grave that I could have prevented a person from killing someone else. Possibly one of my loved ones,” said Majors.

“I just hope that we can get a lead, or get some kind of information,” said McCaffery. “So, we can move forward because we don’t have anything.”

If you know anything at all about the murder you can call CrimeStoppers and 918-596-COPS.

You can remain anonymous and there could be a cash reward.